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works on Windows & Mac
Repper is free for primary education! Check out the Education page for more info.


Making repeating patterns is tricky, but Repper makes it easy. Start with any shape you want and play with it until you get something you like.

Ponoko Blog

This is great tool, now it takes only a second to create what i tried a few times in Photoshop. Thank you!

Kaloyan, user

Repper should be immediately bookmarked and shared with your colleagues; it’s that useful and interesting.

I am having so much fun with the software, making lovely patterns for my digital scrapbooking kits :)

Chelle Stein,

What makes Repper great

Great results from the start

Repper is easy and fun to use – no manual required! Need good results right away? Try the online demo and convince yourself.

The tab system guides you from start to finish. First-time users can simply follow the steps. When you get the grip, you can jump freely from tab to tab.

High quality patterns

We built Repper for handling high resolutions. Explore a 15 megapixel image? Save your patterns at at such hi-res? No problem!

Apart from JPEG, you can also save your patterns in PNG and TIFF to ensure no loss of quality. Your patterns will be as crisp as the original image.

Color editing on the fly

You don’t want to switch between programs to do simple image adjustments. That’s why we built in popular options like contrast and brightness.

If you prefer the controls of Photoshop or other tools, you can run it along-side. Anytime your current source file is changed, the image automatically updates in Repper. How is that for real-time?

Fits your creative flow

It’s not just easy and fun to use – Repper makes you productive as well.

Some great workflow features include

  • all essential tools are just one click away
  • take snapshots to compare your best designs
  • keyboard shortcuts for most actions
  • infinite undo/redo

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