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Snow & Ice Patterns

16:23 in Inspiration by Studio Ludens

Ice Cave Ceiling

Ice Cave Ceiling by Carsten Peter

The first snow of the year has just fallen here in the Netherlands and that means winter has officially started. To celebrate I thought I’d give you some natural pattern inspiration. Via National Geographic.

Blue Patterns

12:00 in Inspiration by Studio Ludens

Pattern tile by Matt W. Moore

Pattern tile by Matt W. Moore

via MWM Graphics.

Kaleidoscope Origami

08:45 in Inspiration by Studio Ludens

Passion Flower

Patterns and Paper go together perfectly.

via the excellent Origami Tessellations Group on Flickr.

Making the every-day special

15:05 in Design Of The Week by Studio Ludens

Patterned Clothespins by Sacred & Profane

Patterned Clothespins by Sacred & Profane

Our design of the week: Drying your Clothes in style with patterned clothespins.. by our dear Sissy.

We think its an awesome example of enhancing every-day items with patterns.

Check out her Etsy Page for more beautiful designs.

Patterned MacBook sleeve

14:20 in Inspiration, Products by Studio Ludens

I just bought this beautiful MacBook sleeve with a Charleston pattern on it. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

Charleston Revival print by Judie Rothermell.

Charleston Revival print by Judie Rothermell

Pattern Explosion – Teaser Movie

14:16 in Inspiration, News by Studio Ludens

To show you the endless possibilities of patterns and blast you out of your chair with visual & sound explosion we created a teaser movie. Check it out! And again. And again.

Thanks to HEYNIEK & PTHVN for the visuals & sound!

Food meets fabrication

19:42 in Inspiration by Studio Ludens

You’ve seen our laser-engraved banana and laser-engraved bacon, but there is more tastiness in the world of fabrication. Check out this blog post by Ponoko to see that creatives also love to play with their food.

24 sugar dodecahedrons

via Ponoko

Mummified zombie-banana

15:39 in Fun by Studio Ludens

Repper mummy banana

A.k.a. the end of the laser-engraved banana, still haunting the web.

Bacon mania – very locally baked

13:38 in Fun, Inspiration by Studio Ludens

Bacon is special. Because it goes with any dish. Because my (almost) vegetarian girlfriend can’t resist it. But also because it can be engraved with a laser!

This is our first experiment with bacon, and it’s damn tasty. Any suggestions for other food you’d like to see engraved with Repper patterns?

Bacon with laser-engraved Repper pattern
Three bacon patterns with Repper

Alex creates his own labour at studio:ludens

13:36 in Fun by Studio Ludens


Nice start of the week, Alex! :-)