Interview with Sissy Gavrilaki

November 17, 2010 @ 12:40 in Interview by Studio Ludens

When we were browsing the web in search of inspiring people working with patterns, we came across Sissy, a talented creative. So we asked her if she could share a bit about herself and what she is doing and she happily responded. Thank you Sissy!

Sissy's Etsy webshop 'Sacred & Profane Designs'

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I live in the biggest (and most beautiful) island of Greece, Crete, and I work in healthcare management. At the same time I pursue a PhD in the History of Medicine, which means that I study – or have to study – for a few hours every single day after work. I’ve always, nevertheless, found the time to work on creative projects, having to do mostly with painting and collage, and this is what I continue to do today; only now I also work on textile design, and make my first attempts to take artistic photographs. Three months ago I opened my Etsy shop with the name “Sacred & Profane Designs” which is now the home of all of my creative endeavors!

Pillow by Sissy Gavrilaki

How does Repper Pro help you in your creative projects?

Repper Pro has become my secret weapon. It is a valuable tool for designing patterns which I then print on fabric through or use them to make art prints and greeting cards. I’m currently working towards launching two new products, again with the help of Repper: small magnets and bookends. And I’m also trying to choose which one of the designs I’ve created will become the background pattern of my blog.

Print by Sissy Gavrilaki

“Repper Pro has become my secret weapon”

Prints by Sissy Gavrilaki

Can you tell us a bit about other design tools (online or offline) that you use regularly?

Since product photography plays a crucial part in the success of an online store, I’ve been working on my photography skills quite a lot lately. And because my photos are far from perfect, I use many editing programs such as Microsoft Picture Office, Picasa or Photoshop. But my favorite editing online tool is which allows me to add text, images, and generally manipulate the photo I have uploaded easily, within a few seconds. I also use Spoonflower’s previewer to edit a design before it is printed on fabric, to download great fonts, and last but not least Adobe’s Kuler to explore hundreds of color themes.

Fabric by Sissy Gavrilaki

We want to create design tools that can be used by as many people as possible. Do you think everybody has the ability to be a designer?

Everyone who creates tangible products that influence and affect the senses is a designer. I believe that anyone who bakes a cupcake, sews a skirt or who builds a chair in a unique way that captures other people’s attention is a designer. So, yes everyone has the ability to become a designer and I think that user-friendly tools such as Repper Pro help people discover their creative side.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with other Repper users?

I think it’s amazing how resourceful you become when you feel passionate about what you do and willing to work hard. With creative tools such as Repper Pro and your imagination as a guide a whole new world of possibilities opens up whether you are a professional or an aspiring designer!

Where on the web can we find you?

You can see my fabrics, pillow covers and art/photo prints:
on my Etsy shop, through my Flickr account and on my blog along with other interior design related information, comments and photos!