How to make your own Christmas card

December 13, 2010 @ 16:00 in Fun, Inspiration, Products, Tutorial by Lotte

You don’t have much time but still you want to send some special Christmas cards to your friends and family this year. Let’s see how we can create something personal with just some pictures, an inkjet printer and of course, Repper.

1. Start the desktop version of Repper or the online demo.

2. Click ‘load image’ to choose an image on your computer.

3. Create a pattern using Repper. Try different pattern types to find the pattern you like most.

4. Happy with your creation? Click on ‘save surface’ to export it.

5. Choose the size of your Christmas card:
For example: 1240px x 1748px (A6) or 1748px x 1748px (square 14,8cm x 14,8cm)

6. Choose the amount of times the pattern should be repeated and choose ‘JPG’ as the output format. Click ‘save’ to export. (If you want to print your Christmascard at high quality you should choose ‘TIF’ as the output format. This option is only available in the full version of the tool)

7. Open the file you just exported and print your image.

Here’s what we’ve made! With a scissor you can create variations of your own Christmas card.