Announcing the winners of the contest

January 20, 2011 @ 12:00 in Fun, News, Pattern Design Contest by Lotte

We’d like to present to you the winners of our pattern design contest!

Lampshades by Babette Zijlstra

“We love the simplicity and craftyness of your shades. It’s a design everyone can make. And it shows you can improve the atmosphere with few materials. We would all be happy to have one of these standing on our desk.”

Clothespins by Sissy Gavrilaki

“You made the most unexpected product in our pattern design contest! Who would think of putting patterns on some clothespins? You were successful in making such a boring object unique!”

Scrollmark Pattern by Captive in Florida

“Our most enthusiastic contestant has to be Jane. She sent in a whopping 23 designs and got a lot of positive reactions. It was nice to see someone combining traditional tools with Repper to get beautiful results. We hope to see some products of you in the future!”

To all of you who did not win: thank you for participating! You guys have been amazingly creative and original. We hope you will keep sending in your designs, because even without winning prizes the world likes to see your creativity!