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Origami Tessellation

11:13 in Inspiration by Studio Ludens

Melisande is one of my favourite origami artists. Her work keeps on amazing me and I keep hoping I will have some more time to do some of these amazing tessellations myself.

Via the Origami Tessellations Group on Flickr.

Pencil Pattern Cabinets

14:04 in Designers, Inspiration by Studio Ludens

pencil pattern cabinet

We love this pencil cabinet and the simple pattern all those wooden sticks create. An aww, the work! Great design by Sebastian Errazuriz.

via Design Boom

Spam Patterns

17:56 in Inspiration, Products by Studio Ludens

spamghetto wallpaper

This is an interesting concept, spam on your wall. And it has pattern goodness!

Spam Ghetto