Repper for Education

November 9, 2012 @ 18:39 in Education, News by Studio Ludens

We have just released our new initiative: Repper for Education. When you are an educator you can get Repper free for your class room (if you teach kids under 16) or with a large discount for higher education. Take a look at the education page and get started using Repper in your class room soon!

We are also making a list of schools using Repper in their educational practices and have compiled a list of educational resources for getting the most out of Repper in the class room.


We are doing this because we think that Repper is a fun and engaging way to teach kids important mathematical and aesthetic concepts. We have seen in the workshops that we have done that children are enthousiastic and willing to take in abstract concepts a lot easier when they can play with them and see how they work interactively.

How you can help

Are you using Repper in the class room already? Then contact us and let us know how you are using it, what the children are making with it and how it helps your course. If you are willing to share educational material that would be wonderful, because it gives a chance to other teachers and educators to make use of it.