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Wrapping Paper Collection

09:54 in Designers, Inspiration by Studio Ludens

french pattern collection 4 nice patterns

French pattern collection by Tatiana Plakhova

You should check out this amazing set of patterns made for wrapping paper. It has been made by Tatiana Plakhova. She is such a talented graphic and pattern designer, as you will see on her website Compexity Graphics.

via Behance.

Interview with Carli Hyland

01:12 in Designers, Interview by Studio Ludens

We’d like to present to you Carli Hyland, one of our most trusted users. She has been amongst our fans from the beginning and according to legend it was for her that Wouter made the first pattern-making experiment that would later turn into the Repper software. Enjoy!

illustration by Carli Hyland

Illustration by Carli Hyland

Tell us a bit about yourself. Are you a creative professional or do you spend your spare time on your own creative projects?

I am a photographer, illustrator and bookmaker, but I also do a bit of tiddling about with some design. I guess I’m a creative professional, I spend the majority of the working week designing and building books, on the weekends I shoot and in the evenings I process my photographs and create new ways of stitching books together. I recently illustrated a children’s book for Canadian writer Frank Streicher, soon to be published!

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