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What the Pattern?! #3

15:44 in Fun, Guess The Picture by Lotte

Welcome to our blog-based game : “What the Pattern?”.
The premise is simple:

  1. Take a look at the pattern
  2. Guess the subject of the original image
  3. Post your answer in the comments
  4. When the right answer is giving by one of the commenters, he/she will win a unique patterned gift.

The right answer has been given by Steed Griffin. Congratulations!

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by Lotte

iPad + Repper

11:00 in Design Of The Week, Fun, Inspiration, Products by Lotte

iPad Wallpaper by Stefan

Stefan created a very nice wallpaper for his iPad with Repper.

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by Lotte

Announcing the winners of the contest

12:00 in Fun, News, Pattern Design Contest by Lotte

We’d like to present to you the winners of our pattern design contest!

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by Lotte

Handmade iPad Case

15:00 in Fun, Inspiration by Lotte

iPad Case Sleeve by Gadget Armoure

Cover your iPad with patterns with the lovely cases made by Gadget Armours.

Egg Bot

13:25 in Fun, Inspiration by Studio Ludens

Egg in the Egg Bot -2

This awesome robot lets you decorate your eggs automatically. And it’s even a kit, so you can build it yourself. Please Easter Bunny, if you are hearing this, give us one of these!

Via Evil Mad Science.

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by Lotte

How to make your own Christmas card

16:00 in Fun, Inspiration, Products, Tutorial by Lotte

You don’t have much time but still you want to send some special Christmas cards to your friends and family this year. Let’s see how we can create something personal with just some pictures, an inkjet printer and of course, Repper.

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Repper Animals

12:00 in Fun, Inspiration by Studio Ludens

So even animals can behave in a very structured and symmetrical way… It’s a real-life version of Repper!

Via Niek Pulles.

Mummified zombie-banana

15:39 in Fun by Studio Ludens

Repper mummy banana

A.k.a. the end of the laser-engraved banana, still haunting the web.

Bacon mania – very locally baked

13:38 in Fun, Inspiration by Studio Ludens

Bacon is special. Because it goes with any dish. Because my (almost) vegetarian girlfriend can’t resist it. But also because it can be engraved with a laser!

This is our first experiment with bacon, and it’s damn tasty. Any suggestions for other food you’d like to see engraved with Repper patterns?

Bacon with laser-engraved Repper pattern
Three bacon patterns with Repper

Alex creates his own labour at studio:ludens

13:36 in Fun by Studio Ludens


Nice start of the week, Alex! :-)