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Nature by Numbers

13:47 in Inspiration by Studio Ludens

For a pattern lover like me, Nature is almost always the best inspiration. The people from Eterea Studios have made a great inspirational video where they link us mathematics with patterns in nature. A great watch for all you pattern lovers out there!

Patterned Lamps

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Sometimes you discover an artist so talented that you cannot keep it to yourself. Przemek Krawczyński is from Poland and creates amazingly intricate lamps made from the Gourd fruit. He makes all of these by hand, though a painstakingly detailed process. Judge for yourself the beauty of the patterns he creates with such simple basic materials.

design by


lampa 20

design by





Calabarte (on Facebook) via Brough Atelier for Islamic Geometric Design

Hexagonal patterns by Andy Gilmore

14:04 in Designers, Inspiration by Studio Ludens

Icon 106 by Andy Gilmore

Icon 106 by Andy Gilmore

Andy Gilmore creates these amazingly intricate geometric patterns, mostly by hand in Illustrator and Photoshop. We wonder what would happen when you use Repper to create this… The fractal nature of these images reminds me of the things you can do with Elise.

PRINCIPIA by Andy Gilmore

PRINCIPIA by Andy Gilmore

MERU by Andy Gilmore

MERU by Andy Gilmore

GOLD PANDA Mountain / Financial District 7" by Andy Gilmore

GOLD PANDA Mountain / Financial District 7" by Andy Gilmore

via It’s Nice That.

Luscious Life Patterns

18:28 in Designers, Inspiration, Scapbooking by Studio Ludens

Luscious Life Studios

Start Image

The Result

Dori Melton from Luscious Life Studios has been so kind to write a blog post about Reppers ability to transform any image into a beautiful pattern.

We love the recent surge in interest for Repper from the scrapbooking community! We are very happy we can support this community of enthousiastic creatives with the tools to bring their digital memories to life.

If you are interested in thinking with us how Repper can be of even more value to the scrapbooking community, please comment on this post and share your ideas!

Threadless Pattern Design Contest

14:49 in Inspiration, Pattern Design Contest by Studio Ludens

Threadless is running a pattern design contest. We thought this could be an amazing opportunity for all your Repper enthousiasts to join and show the world what beautiful patterns you can make!

In their own words:

Whoooo wants another $10K Loves?! We do! We do! Pattern us happy! We are so excited for this Loves challenge and hope you are, too. From now on, we’ll be accepting ongoing submissions for Threadless Patterns, which will be printed on tons of different types of products. But we wanted to kick it off with this awesome Loves challenge! YIPPEE!
There will be four grand prize designs, one design chosen for each product: scarf, wall decal, tote bag, and Select apparel. Each chosen designer will receive $2,500.

So don’t wait any longer, go and create amazing patterns and drag in those prizes!

via Blik Blog.


05:23 in Designers, Inspiration by Studio Ludens

Our user minus78 compiled a great list of pattern designs for website backgrounds. Check it out!

Irregular Wall Covering

16:14 in Inspiration by Studio Ludens

We love this wall covering by Camila León for the innovative company Blik. Be sure to check out some of the other designs they have for sale, it is definitely worth it!

And who knows it would look great having some Repper patterns on those walls. Interested? Contact Blik to see if they are into it.

via MyKea.

Patterned Screen Prints by Roland Barth

00:43 in Designers, Inspiration by Studio Ludens

Screen Print "Schrei" by Roland Barth

Beautiful patterned screen print by Roland Barth. He is part of the Supalife collective based in Berlin.

Origami Tessellation

11:13 in Inspiration by Studio Ludens

Melisande is one of my favourite origami artists. Her work keeps on amazing me and I keep hoping I will have some more time to do some of these amazing tessellations myself.

Via the Origami Tessellations Group on Flickr.

Pencil Pattern Cabinets

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pencil pattern cabinet

We love this pencil cabinet and the simple pattern all those wooden sticks create. An aww, the work! Great design by Sebastian Errazuriz.

via Design Boom