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Spam Patterns

17:56 in Inspiration, Products by Studio Ludens

spamghetto wallpaper

This is an interesting concept, spam on your wall. And it has pattern goodness!

Spam Ghetto

Patterned skylight shades by Velux

14:35 in Inspiration, Products by Studio Ludens

Velux is sharing design proposals for their shades that are both fresh and repetitive (the good kind). Designed by Karim Rashid, you are sure to get some well thought-out patterns. You can vote for your favorite here, if you can read Italian.

We do wonder though: why not let people design their own shades with Repper? Would you like to pattern your own shades or curtains? Let us know and if there is enough interest, we’ll give Velux a call. ;-)


Justine Ashbee

19:14 in Designers, Inspiration by Studio Ludens

unknown by Justine Ashbee

I just love this organic work (ok, it is not a geometric repeating pattern per se, but who cares?) by US-based artist Justine Ashbee. And apparently her artistic weapon of choice is a Sharpie. Kudus!

via Engrave Your Book

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by Lotte

iPad + Repper

11:00 in Design Of The Week, Fun, Inspiration, Products by Lotte

iPad Wallpaper by Stefan

Stefan created a very nice wallpaper for his iPad with Repper.

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by Lotte

Handmade iPad Case

15:00 in Fun, Inspiration by Lotte

iPad Case Sleeve by Gadget Armoure

Cover your iPad with patterns with the lovely cases made by Gadget Armours.

The patterns of Kristen Leigh Turner

13:36 in Designers, Inspiration by Studio Ludens


You should check out the great patterns made by the talented Kristen Leigh Turner. We love the combination between floral and geometric design.

the Everyday.. Patterned

17:05 in Designers, Inspiration by Henri Louis

Havaianas by Guilherme Marconi

Guilherme Marconi proves to us that even flip-flop based pattens look great.

Dynamic Structure 29117

15:42 in Inspiration by Alexander

A kinetic sculpture that should calm you down with ever changing pattern-like movements. By Willem van Weeghel.

Via Creative Applications.

Repper Origami

11:03 in Design Of The Week, Inspiration, Products by Henri Louis

Repper Patterned Origami Crane by Saar

This design by Saar shows that even fake birds with patterns rock.. Now lets get us a live one!

Egg Bot

13:25 in Fun, Inspiration by Studio Ludens

Egg in the Egg Bot -2

This awesome robot lets you decorate your eggs automatically. And it’s even a kit, so you can build it yourself. Please Easter Bunny, if you are hearing this, give us one of these!

Via Evil Mad Science.