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Repper for Education

18:39 in Education, News by Studio Ludens

We have just released our new initiative: Repper for Education. When you are an educator you can get Repper free for your class room (if you teach kids under 16) or with a large discount for higher education. Take a look at the education page and get started using Repper in your class room soon!

We are also making a list of schools using Repper in their educational practices and have compiled a list of educational resources for getting the most out of Repper in the class room.


We are doing this because we think that Repper is a fun and engaging way to teach kids important mathematical and aesthetic concepts. We have seen in the workshops that we have done that children are enthousiastic and willing to take in abstract concepts a lot easier when they can play with them and see how they work interactively.

How you can help

Are you using Repper in the class room already? Then contact us and let us know how you are using it, what the children are making with it and how it helps your course. If you are willing to share educational material that would be wonderful, because it gives a chance to other teachers and educators to make use of it.

Affiliate Program

20:53 in News by Studio Ludens

So, you have a website/blog with lots of visitors and you think they might be interested in using Repper to create patterns. Well, we recently implemented our Repper Affiliate Program. You can become an affiliate and earn money by helping us to sell copies of Repper.

How does it work?

You can sign up for the program and we will set you up an account. On the affiliate page, you get your own unique link. When you refer to Repper on your site, use that link. When someone visits our site through your link and decides to purchase Repper, you will get notified and get a share of the profit.

The referral is saved using a cookie. This means that somebody that visits the Repper site through your link, takes a look and comes back later to buy will still get you a referral. If the person buys Repper within 30 days of clicking the link on your site, you will get a commission.

How much can I earn?

For every sale you make, you get 15% of the sale price. Usually, Repper sells for € 29.00. That means that for every copy of Repper that is sold with your referral, you earn € 4.35.

We can pay you once your earnings reach the limit of € 50. You can send us a message and we make sure that you will receive your money within a day. You will need to have a PayPal account for us to send you the money.

How do I sign up?

Go to the affiliate registration page and fill in your details. You will get a confirmation email with your details. Log into our affiliate system and get your own unique URL to use in your site. It’s that simple!

Win a Free Copy of the Repper Pattern App

14:21 in News, Pattern Design Contest by Studio Ludens

Ponoko Repper Contest

Our friends at Ponoko have come up with a great new contest to let their community meet the awesomeness of Repper patterns.

The Contest

This month we’re giving away 5 free licenses of the delightful Repper tool, a simple application that lets you create repeating patterns.

With Repper, you can start with any source image, zoom in or out, change the tiling, edit colors on the fly, and export your repeating unit or the entire surface as a raster file. It does not export files in vector format (yet), but you can convert them using a vector editing application like Illustrator.

People have applied their Repper generated patterns to web and graphic designs as well as product design and interiors — and yes, a laser etched banana.

How would you apply a Repper pattern to a Ponoko project?
The top 5 answers will win a free Repper license courtesy of Dutch developers Studio:Ludens.

How to Enter:
Leave a comment below telling us about how you would use a Repper pattern with a project you could make using Ponoko.

Only comments describing projects that could be made with Ponoko’s digital making methods (3D printing & laser cutting) will qualify to win.

5 winners will each receive 1 free license to Repper, a €29 ($39) value.

Contest closes 16 March at 10p.m. PST.
People from the Ponoko and Studio:Ludens team will choose 5 winners total.
Winners will be notified on 17 March 2011 and announced in an update to this contest announcement.

For more information & inspiration:


Avatar of Lotte

by Lotte

Announcing the winners of the contest

12:00 in Fun, News, Pattern Design Contest by Lotte

We’d like to present to you the winners of our pattern design contest!

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We’re back !

10:35 in News by Henri Louis

After the hours of terrible patternless downtime, we’re here to shed light on you once again ;) The new server has solved the problem of connectivity to the website, and will speed up the whole experience. So enjoy, and don’t forget to upload your cool pattern designs to participate in the contest!

Pattern Contest Turbo Tour

20:00 in News, Pattern Design Contest by Studio Ludens

HKU Utrecht

Daan Pothoven, one of our biggest Repper enthousiasts, has traveled through most of the Netherlands in one single day to spread the word about the Pattern Design Contest which has just begun! He tagged the cities of Breda, Rotterdam, Delft, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Arnhem & Enschede with our posters.

We hope you pattern lovers do send in a lot of pretty, weird and special designs!

Daan, thanks a lot!

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Pattern Design Contest!

16:22 in News by Studio Ludens

Pattern Explosion – Teaser Movie

14:16 in Inspiration, News by Studio Ludens

To show you the endless possibilities of patterns and blast you out of your chair with visual & sound explosion we created a teaser movie. Check it out! And again. And again.

Thanks to HEYNIEK & PTHVN for the visuals & sound!

Studio:ludens is kicking out at Underworld

01:13 in Fun, News by Studio Ludens

After a long week of hard work, getting ready for the big Repper contest (coming up!) and the aftermath of the engraved-banana, studio:ludens is parking in the pit stop for the weekend, letting go while Born Slippy is making the Underworld crowd all sentimental.

Thanks to Maarten, for the VIP tickets ;-)

Come and see the project Flosculus / Flower Power that studio:ludens helped building with Little Mountain and Philips at the STRP festival in Eindhoven, NL. Video footage of the installation is on its way.

UPDATE: we have a fresh video of the installation for you. Check it out!

(Sorry about the sound quality :-) )

Welcome to the New Site!

18:33 in News by Studio Ludens

We have been working very hard and finally it is online :) We like to welcome you to the new site of Repper! What you will find here:

You have been able to use Repper for over a year now. We have received a lot of constructive feedback and praise about the online and offline version.

We figured you wanted to see more things that are made with the help of Repper!

Meet the community

We are still starting up, but be sure to check out some of the amazing designs created by the community.


See more designs


See more designers

A new toy to play with

The new site features a new tool that might look familiar to some of you. It’s an extensive demo version of the desktop version of Repper with more features, more patterns and a slicker interface. Play with it or read more about it.

The banana pattern in the Repper tool

Get inspired!

We hope you enjoy the new site! Take a look around, get inspired and start designing yourself! You can have your own Repper copy for only € 29,-. By buying a copy you support us in making Repper better and providing you with the best pattern experience.