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About DPI, digital imaging (and Repper)

08:46 in Tutorial by Studio Ludens

Every so often we get a message from a customer asking us how to save patterns in Repper Pro at a higher DPI than 72.

The short answer is: you can’t.
The relevant answer is: DPI does not affect image quality, it is just some metadata in an image file. All that matters are these two things:

  • 1) the resolution of your file (= the amount of pixels)
  • 2) compression quality (in case of JPEG)

Read on for the long but satisfying answer that includes info about what DPI really is, how it relates to digital images, to what extend it matters and how to change the DPI of an image (if you really need to).
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Diane Rooney’s take on Repper

15:50 in Designers, Review, Tutorial by Studio Ludens

Diane Rooney PaperPack

Diane created a paper pack with a number of great designs

Diane Rooney, and enthousiastic Repper user, wrote a little review and tutorial on her blog. She will show you how to create digital scrapbooking paper with Repper. She also created a set of papers just for you to use, for only $3.95. Check it out!

Read the tutorial & review here.

Tutorial : A pattern on your Website

13:00 in Tutorial by Henri Louis

Repper Pattern enhanced Website

In this tutorial we’re going to make a pattern that fits on a website and integrate that pattern on the website. As an example, i’m going to put a pattern in the footer (bottom part) of

We’ll go trough the process step by step, after the jump.

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Avatar of Lotte

by Lotte

How to make your own Christmas card

16:00 in Fun, Inspiration, Products, Tutorial by Lotte

You don’t have much time but still you want to send some special Christmas cards to your friends and family this year. Let’s see how we can create something personal with just some pictures, an inkjet printer and of course, Repper.

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