Repper comes in two variants. There is the online tool that is usable in many ways but is mostly for demonstration purposes. Secondly there is a paid version of Repper, available for purchase through our website.

Repper Online Tool

Patterns made with the Repper online Tool can only be exported in low resolution. We retain the right to use patterns made with this tool for commercial and promotional purposes without prior notice to the creator. Copyright for patterns made with the online tool stays with you, the creator. We give the user the right to use these patterns for non-commercial purposes in their own creative projects, on websites or blogs.

Repper Pro

Repper Pro is our paid version of the software. It has the ability to export patterns in high resolution and has a number of extra options compared to the free version. Use this version if you want to use the patterns you make for commercial projects. All rights (including copyright) of patterns made with the Pro version are yours and you are free to do with them what you want.

For more information on the use of Repper Pro read the Terms and Conditions

The Community

For all images and text posted in the community we have the rule that copyright remains with the respective owner. You are not allowed to share material of which the copyright does not belong to you. By posting content in the community you give us the right to use this content for promotional purposes without explicitly noting the creator of the content (although we try to give credit where credit is due).