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Positive responses from teachers have made us realize how fun and useful software like Repper can be in the classroom. That’s why we have created a special offer for education.

Repper is a fun method to incorporate pattern design in art classes. What’s more, the geometric quality of patterns also introduces kids to important mathematical concepts in a playful manner.


We believe that kids should develop their creativity from a young age. From workshops and exhibitions we found that kids any age enjoy playing with the endless possibilities of patterns.

By giving them a way to explore the mathematical concepts behind patterns in a visual and fun way, they are more inclined to enjoy the class and learn from it.

Eligibility and rules

We offer Repper for free for educational institutions that want to use Repper in their classes.

To be eligible, your students need to be 16 years or younger (so in most countries this amounts to primary and secondary education).

If you are home schooling your children (within the age limit) you are also eligible for a free copy of Repper.

In return for using our software, we ask you, the teacher, to provide us with some information (see below) so we know who is using the software and how.

We are a small company and with this free deal comes no technical assistance. Installing Repper on your schools infrastructure should be easy, but we cannot give any guarantees or carry any responsibility.

How to apply

If you work in primary education your school is eligible to receive a free license for Repper.

To apply fill in the form below. We ask you a couple of questions to better understand how you want to use Repper in your curriculum.

We hope you will share your experiences with us and other teachers to improve education and make it more fun!

Higher Education

Are you a teacher in college or other types of higher education? Then you can use Repper with a massive discount.

We offer a 75% discount price ( €7,50 ) per student with a minimum of 50 licenses. Use this table for a reference on the costs for your school.

# of students Total price
50 € 375
100 € 750
200 € 1500
500 € 3750

Interested? Please contact us directly for more information.

Student? Get an instant discount!

Are you a student studying art school, design education, or another type of education where you want to use Repper? Then we have a great deal for you.

We know that you can be tight on money so you can use the coupon code iamastudent to get 20% discount on the price of Repper.

Schools using Repper

This is a list of schools that are already using Repper in different types of classes. If you agree to use Repper in your classroom for free, we would like to add your contact details to this list.

Alum Rock Educational Foundation

Cureton Elementary School
Hawaii Preparatory Academy
contact Corinne Okada Takara
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Mazama High School

contact Mrs. Nickerson
Info about Repper

Hout- en Meubileringscollege

contact Marijke Andriesse

Resources for Education

Look through this list to find tips and tricks for using Repper in your classroom.

Explanation and recommendation on teachers forum

Repper in Math forum Newsletter

Repper workshop

Interview with Corinne

Instructions for class exercises

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