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Laser-engraved cookies

One pattern at different scales and a bunch of tasty cookies!

Uploaded on November 18 2010 |

Banana – Engraved by laser

I designed a simple pattern with Repper, turned it to 100% B&W in Photoshop and put it under our lasercutter. The result: your very own personally engraved banana, still very much edible :-)

In case you find that the pattern appears suspiciously flat and think it’s a photoshop job, check the evidence:

Uploaded on November 11 2010 |

Repper mug

I was amazed by the way Zazzle printed my pattern on the mug. The shiny coating over the whole mug really bound the pattern to the product. Alex was also quite surprised by the looks of it, as you can see :-)

If you’re interested, you’ll find many mug variants to print on at

Uploaded on November 4 2010 |

Test for new Repper => blur edges

I have been developing new features for Repper, including blurring the edges to make patterns which are not seamless smoother.

How do you like it?
Would it be a valuable feature for you?

Uploaded on November 4 2010 |