Interview with Sissy Gavrilaki

12:40 in Interview by Studio Ludens

When we were browsing the web in search of inspiring people working with patterns, we came across Sissy, a talented creative. So we asked her if she could share a bit about herself and what she is doing and she happily responded. Thank you Sissy!

Sissy's Etsy webshop 'Sacred & Profane Designs'

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I live in the biggest (and most beautiful) island of Greece, Crete, and I work in healthcare management. At the same time I pursue a PhD in the History of Medicine, which means that I study – or have to study – for a few hours every single day after work. I’ve always, nevertheless, found the time to work on creative projects, having to do mostly with painting and collage, and this is what I continue to do today; only now I also work on textile design, and make my first attempts to take artistic photographs. Three months ago I opened my Etsy shop with the name “Sacred & Profane Designs” which is now the home of all of my creative endeavors!
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