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12:34 in Inspiration by Studio Ludens

Lotte just discovered a great website:!


They have a lively blog and free high quality pattern downloads. Like what they are doing? Log in and get their patterns on print from their store.

free pattern downloads

Interview with Babette Zijlstra

09:00 in Interview by Studio Ludens

We’d like to introduce to you Babette Zijlstra, a young and talented graphic designer who created two wonderful lamp shades with Repper.

Dummy by Babette Zijlstra

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Babette and I am currently graduating at the Art Academy ArtEZ in Arnhem. I would like to earn my money as a graphic designer. That would be a dream for me, because it all started out as a hobby. When I was little, I made little magazines about horses and the Spice Girls. Now I love to make beautiful books, tiny zines and posters.

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Wrapping Paper Collection

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french pattern collection 4 nice patterns

French pattern collection by Tatiana Plakhova

You should check out this amazing set of patterns made for wrapping paper. It has been made by Tatiana Plakhova. She is such a talented graphic and pattern designer, as you will see on her website Compexity Graphics.

via Behance.

Interview with Rivka Dieho

12:15 in Interview by Studio Ludens

For our third interview we have found you an amazingly talented designer from the Netherlands. We love her unique style and are happy she gave us some of her time to talk about her work & interests.

By Rivka Dieho

Hi Rivka! Can you tell a bit about yourself?

I’m a jewellery designer and a graphic designer at a fashion company. There I design hangtags and flyers. It is wonderful to earn money by being creative and having just enough time to work on my own projects.

My interests are: the world… I get my inspiration from a film, an object, trash, a beautiful font, the colors of an animal or even someone’s personality. My favourite inspirations are David Attenborough documentaries and any art blog.

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