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Hexagonal patterns by Andy Gilmore

14:04 in Designers, Inspiration by Studio Ludens

Icon 106 by Andy Gilmore

Icon 106 by Andy Gilmore

Andy Gilmore creates these amazingly intricate geometric patterns, mostly by hand in Illustrator and Photoshop. We wonder what would happen when you use Repper to create this… The fractal nature of these images reminds me of the things you can do with Elise.

PRINCIPIA by Andy Gilmore

PRINCIPIA by Andy Gilmore

MERU by Andy Gilmore

MERU by Andy Gilmore

GOLD PANDA Mountain / Financial District 7" by Andy Gilmore

GOLD PANDA Mountain / Financial District 7" by Andy Gilmore

via It’s Nice That.

About DPI, digital imaging (and Repper)

08:46 in Tutorial by Studio Ludens

Every so often we get a message from a customer asking us how to save patterns in Repper Pro at a higher DPI than 72.

The short answer is: you can’t.
The relevant answer is: DPI does not affect image quality, it is just some metadata in an image file. All that matters are these two things:

  • 1) the resolution of your file (= the amount of pixels)
  • 2) compression quality (in case of JPEG)

Read on for the long but satisfying answer that includes info about what DPI really is, how it relates to digital images, to what extend it matters and how to change the DPI of an image (if you really need to).
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Irregular Wall Covering

16:14 in Inspiration by Studio Ludens

We love this wall covering by Camila León for the innovative company Blik. Be sure to check out some of the other designs they have for sale, it is definitely worth it!

And who knows it would look great having some Repper patterns on those walls. Interested? Contact Blik to see if they are into it.

via MyKea.

Wrapping Paper Collection

09:54 in Designers, Inspiration by Studio Ludens

french pattern collection 4 nice patterns

French pattern collection by Tatiana Plakhova

You should check out this amazing set of patterns made for wrapping paper. It has been made by Tatiana Plakhova. She is such a talented graphic and pattern designer, as you will see on her website Compexity Graphics.

via Behance.

Repeat Patterns

10:20 in Inspiration by Studio Ludens

Repeat Patterns by Andrea Tinnes

via Typecuts.

Pattern Contest Turbo Tour

20:00 in News, Pattern Design Contest by Studio Ludens

HKU Utrecht

Daan Pothoven, one of our biggest Repper enthousiasts, has traveled through most of the Netherlands in one single day to spread the word about the Pattern Design Contest which has just begun! He tagged the cities of Breda, Rotterdam, Delft, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Arnhem & Enschede with our posters.

We hope you pattern lovers do send in a lot of pretty, weird and special designs!

Daan, thanks a lot!

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Pattern Design Contest!

16:22 in News by Studio Ludens

Mummified zombie-banana

15:39 in Fun by Studio Ludens

Repper mummy banana

A.k.a. the end of the laser-engraved banana, still haunting the web.

Bacon mania – very locally baked

13:38 in Fun, Inspiration by Studio Ludens

Bacon is special. Because it goes with any dish. Because my (almost) vegetarian girlfriend can’t resist it. But also because it can be engraved with a laser!

This is our first experiment with bacon, and it’s damn tasty. Any suggestions for other food you’d like to see engraved with Repper patterns?

Bacon with laser-engraved Repper pattern
Three bacon patterns with Repper

Banana Mania – it’s not a fake

12:28 in Inspiration by Studio Ludens

Yesterday, this decorative banana was featured on BoingBoing. Some folks over there were convinced the laser-engraved banana was a fake, because (1) the pattern looks like an overlay, (2) the hand is too small compared to the banana and (3) none of the fingers actually curl around the banana.

The banana in question
The photo / banana / hand that was deemed “unrealistic”

I understand that deep-rooted skepticism is the safest stance in a world where most of what seems real isn’t actually so. Let me therefore help you regain your faith in laser-engraved bananas again :-) .

This is a real lasercutter

The banana has been cut on this lasercutter in our office. It’s not a dummy, it’s real. And don’t get started about how the shadows look off…
Lasercutter at Ludens office

This is a real hand

The hand holding the banana belongs to Lotte and is indeed not as humongous as mine. It is real nonetheless. And to those who called it a midget hand: that’s just rude. Feel free to use the comments to apologize to Lotte.
Comparison of Lotte's hand with Wouter's

This is a real pattern

I made the pattern with Repper, our pattern tool. It’s not an ancient islamic pattern, it was created 1 day ago.
The banana pattern in the Repper tool

This is a real engraved banana

I guess only a video would convince the true non-believers. Granted, I could have imposed the pattern on this video as well, but that would take much more time than just engraving the banana (which took about 15 minutes).

This is a fake

Sure I can make a fake if I want to. Here is one. Now convince me it is real :-) .

Opera House with Repper pattern superimposed
CC-licensed photo by Andy Clarke