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Nature by Numbers

13:47 in Inspiration by Studio Ludens

For a pattern lover like me, Nature is almost always the best inspiration. The people from Eterea Studios have made a great inspirational video where they link us mathematics with patterns in nature. A great watch for all you pattern lovers out there!

Patterned Lamps

13:39 in Designers, Inspiration by Studio Ludens

Sometimes you discover an artist so talented that you cannot keep it to yourself. Przemek Krawczyński is from Poland and creates amazingly intricate lamps made from the Gourd fruit. He makes all of these by hand, though a painstakingly detailed process. Judge for yourself the beauty of the patterns he creates with such simple basic materials.

design by


lampa 20

design by





Calabarte (on Facebook) via Brough Atelier for Islamic Geometric Design

Hexagonal patterns by Andy Gilmore

14:04 in Designers, Inspiration by Studio Ludens

Icon 106 by Andy Gilmore

Icon 106 by Andy Gilmore

Andy Gilmore creates these amazingly intricate geometric patterns, mostly by hand in Illustrator and Photoshop. We wonder what would happen when you use Repper to create this… The fractal nature of these images reminds me of the things you can do with Elise.

PRINCIPIA by Andy Gilmore

PRINCIPIA by Andy Gilmore

MERU by Andy Gilmore

MERU by Andy Gilmore

GOLD PANDA Mountain / Financial District 7" by Andy Gilmore

GOLD PANDA Mountain / Financial District 7" by Andy Gilmore

via It’s Nice That.

Threadless Pattern Design Contest

14:49 in Inspiration, Pattern Design Contest by Studio Ludens

Threadless is running a pattern design contest. We thought this could be an amazing opportunity for all your Repper enthousiasts to join and show the world what beautiful patterns you can make!

In their own words:

Whoooo wants another $10K Loves?! We do! We do! Pattern us happy! We are so excited for this Loves challenge and hope you are, too. From now on, we’ll be accepting ongoing submissions for Threadless Patterns, which will be printed on tons of different types of products. But we wanted to kick it off with this awesome Loves challenge! YIPPEE!
There will be four grand prize designs, one design chosen for each product: scarf, wall decal, tote bag, and Select apparel. Each chosen designer will receive $2,500.

So don’t wait any longer, go and create amazing patterns and drag in those prizes!

via Blik Blog.

Spam Patterns

17:56 in Inspiration, Products by Studio Ludens

spamghetto wallpaper

This is an interesting concept, spam on your wall. And it has pattern goodness!

Spam Ghetto

Avatar of Lotte

by Lotte

Handmade iPad Case

15:00 in Fun, Inspiration by Lotte

iPad Case Sleeve by Gadget Armoure

Cover your iPad with patterns with the lovely cases made by Gadget Armours. – patterns in fashion

12:34 in Inspiration by Studio Ludens

Lotte just discovered a great website:!


They have a lively blog and free high quality pattern downloads. Like what they are doing? Log in and get their patterns on print from their store.

free pattern downloads

Interview with Rivka Dieho

12:15 in Interview by Studio Ludens

For our third interview we have found you an amazingly talented designer from the Netherlands. We love her unique style and are happy she gave us some of her time to talk about her work & interests.

By Rivka Dieho

Hi Rivka! Can you tell a bit about yourself?

I’m a jewellery designer and a graphic designer at a fashion company. There I design hangtags and flyers. It is wonderful to earn money by being creative and having just enough time to work on my own projects.

My interests are: the world… I get my inspiration from a film, an object, trash, a beautiful font, the colors of an animal or even someone’s personality. My favourite inspirations are David Attenborough documentaries and any art blog.

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