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Nature by Numbers

13:47 in Inspiration by Studio Ludens

For a pattern lover like me, Nature is almost always the best inspiration. The people from Eterea Studios have made a great inspirational video where they link us mathematics with patterns in nature. A great watch for all you pattern lovers out there!

Full Printed – Digital Fabrication Movie

12:29 in Inspiration by Studio Ludens

We all know that mass-produced products can be boring and miss that bit of personality. But we can all remember those moments where we got a present from a special friend or family. The person took effort in selecting the product for you and gave it to you, often with a great story behind it. You use that product with joy, but when it breaks, it makes you sad!

Don’t worry, because you now have the ability to create your own products using the magic of digital fabrication.With a little help from tools like Repper. Check out this great video explaining the process. (by nueve ojos)

via Ponoko Blog